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Heading to the Boat Shows

Making your way to a Boat Show opens yourself up to a wonderful experience. Whether you are a new boater, a seasoned boater, or somewhere in between attending boat shows is an excellent way to learn and see new things.

If you are attending as a new boater be prepared for an education like no other. Most boat shows have non-profit and volunteer groups there to educate people on boating basics. Boat shows are a great spot to gain hands on knowledge and submerse yourself in the boating lifestyle. Demonstrations all around help you to see how things are done.

If you are at the boat show for a new boat, there is not better time to walk through and spend time on a boat to explore what you may like about it and discuss options with the people showing the boat. Being able to feel the quality of the upholstery, check the height of a console, or view color schemes could save you time and money for when you do make your purchase. Many of the manufacturers have exclusive deals on the boats they are showing, offering great pricing for orders placed at the show.

Boat shows are a terrific way to introduce family or friends to the boating life. Sharing your hobby with your kids has never been easier, with many kid-friendly exhibits, free samples, contests, and learning demonstrations the entire family can bond with the boat show experience.

Be sure to check our News and Events page frequently to see which of our boats will be on display at a boat show near you

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