2021 Boat Shows

April 15th-April 18th- Bay Bridge

April 30th-May 2nd- Essex CT Spring Show

June 17th-June 20th- Steelpointe

July 23rd-July25th- Maine Boatbuilders

August 13th-August15th- Rockland

September 16th-September 19th- Newport

October 7th-October 10th- Annapolis


September 16th-19th

Thursday- 10am-6pm

Friday- 10am-6pm

Saturday- 10am-6pm

Sunday- 10am-5pm

Located at the Newport Yachting center Marina

More information can be found on the NIBS website


October 7th-10th

Thursday- 10am-6:30pm

Friday- 10am-6:30pm

Saturday- 10am6:30pm

Sunday- 10am-5pm

Located ay City Docks, Annapolis, MD

More information can be found at the Annapolis boat show website