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Commercial Boats

       Over the years, Eastern Boats has built vessels of all sizes for fire departments, harbormasters, search and rescue operations, law enforcement agencies, and towing companies across the United States.  The same New England virtues of seaworthiness, robust construction, speed, and efficiency, along with our custom building expertise, allow us to meet many government and business needs.


       If commercial and charter fishermen buy a particular boat brand, they are saying something important about that company’s products and customer service. The same goes for harbormasters, and even more for fire/rescue and law enforcement agencies, whose lives and the lives of those they serve depend on the strength and seaworthiness of their vessels. 

Optional dive or rescue doors available

Boats available from 18 to 30 feet

Two Posts Available

Custom Compartments, Shelving, and benches to meet your needs

Coast Guard Certification Available

Engine Driven or Self Propelled Fire Pumps available from the manufacturer of your choice

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